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            1. Official Website of Town of Neepawa


              Incorporated as Town


              Population (2021)


              Plenty Of Opportunities

              For Residents

              For Residents

              This site contains relevant information for residents, such as garbage and recycling collection, property tax discounts, penalties & due dates, as well as local notices, activities and events.

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              For Businesses

              For Businesses

              Neepawa has a serviced industrial park ready for your new or expanding business. The industrial park is located on Highway 16 with a highway frontage lot still available.

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              For Visitors

              For Visitors

              Located in western Manitoba, just 2 hours west of Winnipeg and 45 minutes from Brandon, Neepawa offers tourist and recreational attractions such as camping, hiking & cross-country skiing trails.

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              Contact Us

                Town of Neepawa
                Box 339, 275 Hamilton Street
                Manitoba??R0J 1H0
                Phone: (204) 476-7600
                Email: neepawa@wcgwave.ca